Our Ayurvedic Healers

The roots of ancient wisdom

Healing is an energy of softness and nurturing. Those who practice healing are by nature, working from the heart. They’re patient, compassionate and empathetic.

As disciples of a legacy that survived a thousand years, our Ayurvedic practitioners embody these sacred values. They ensure a safe and comfortable space for a therapeutic stay.


According to the “Charaka Samhita”, an Ayurvedic practitioner is born twice. Once in the physical world and a second time as an awakened being aware and in tune with their senses. Years of strict discipline, meditation, yoga, and learning Sanskrit – the language of the rishis (or seers) as well as the Vedic knowledge unlock their ability to perceive a patient’s state of health. 


In ancient times, there was no medical equipment or tools. The only tools the physicians had were their trained senses. A practitioner hones the ability to listen, feel and notice the unique workings of the patient through sound and sight. The pulse or the lifelines reveal a comprehensive story about you. The tongue becomes a map of one’s physical state. The eyes serve as windows to one’s internal mechanisms. Through these and many other techniques, our practitioners are able to identify and recommend the corrective measures for you to regain your balance.