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Return to the harmony of your senses

Taprana a luvayurveda hotel

LuvAyurveda is a healing philosophy that embodies centuries of Ayurvedic wisdom handed down by Vedas of the past, suffused into a luxurious self-exploration that extends beyond the physical. 

Ayurvedic wellness is a lifestyle to be understood and absorbed. It is a shifting of the mindset that flows into our daily rituals and presents itself in remarkable change that makes life easier. 

Our aim is to bring this paradigm shift to those who seek longevity, rejuvenation and above all self-realisation.


The roots of an ancient wisdom…

The healing powers of nature….

The secrets of strengthening immunity…

The source of energy and healing…

The daily guide to powerful change

An Ayurvedic State of Being

Amidst the lull of the soothing sea and the scent of salt and herbs is a powerful, restorative experience with the power to change your life. 

At Taprana, we created a symphony of the senses to replenish, rejuvenate and celebrate the beauty and complexity that is life, just as nature intended. 

With only 12 rooms, the property offers a cosy and private setting that is suited for an Ayurvedic healing journey. Being this intimate also allows us to give individual attention to your concerns, treatment and well-being. 

During your stay, you will sink into a transformational routine that includes practices such as yoga and meditation, indulge in delicious and healthy food and receive healing treatments, all inspired by Ayurveda.